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  • Why, God?Why, God? When Personal Tragedy Doesn't Make Sense

    Tom Vander Woude was a dedicated dad enjoying a morning of yardwork with his son Joseph. Then, in a heartbeat, what started as just another day became a day the entire family would never forget. Experience this compelling story of tragedy and hope through a powerful reenactment--and hear an exclusive interview with Joseph's brother. Use true stories to enhance: Sermons/Talks, Small Groups, Bible Studies. Relevant ministry topics: Tragedy, the Gospel, Griendship, Why bad things happen to good peoplle, God's love, Sacrifice, Suffering, Serving others. Inclues scripture references and discussion questions

  • 100 Proofs for the Bible100 Proofs for the Bible


    This PowerPoint software allows users to examine 100 key archaeological finds that support the veracity of the Bible, shed light on the culture and customs, and help us understand the people of the Old and New Testaments.

  • Crucifixion and ResurrectionCrucifixion and Resurrection : Life of Christ, Series 5

    A Beka.

    Flash-a-Card series containing 9 lessons with 36 flascards - Triumphal Entry; Last Supper; Garden of Gethsemane; Judgment Hall; Cucifixion; Resurrection; Emmaus and the Upper Room; Breakfast on the Shore with Jesus; and the Ascension.

  • JacobJacob : Genesis Series 4


    Flash-a-card series containing 4 lessons with 21 flashcards - Twins, But Different; Jacob's Ladder; Jacob Meets His Match; and Jacob Comes Back.

  • JosephJoseph : Genesis Series 5


    Flash-a-Card series containing 6 lessons with 28 flashcards - Dreams; Sold; the Slave; Pharaoh's Palace; Brother's visit Egypt; and Family.

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