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  • Queen EstherQueen Esther

    In one of the Old Testament's classic sagas, a beautiful Jewish orphan named Esther marries a powerful King of Persia. But this is no simpleCinderella story. FOr the King's evil advisor Haman has plotted personal revenge on Esther's cousin Mordecai - and death to all Jews of the Kingdom. Queen Esther bravely plans revenge of her own against the wicked Haman, saving her cousin - and her people - from impending massacre. To this day, her heroism is celebrated annually in the Feast of Purim. Children and parents everywhere can learn an invaluable lesson from this compelling triumph of good and bravery over evil and prejudice. "Queen Esther" is on in a series of entertaining and educational Bible episodes seen through the eyes of three very contemporary young time travelers from today's times. "The Greatest Adventure Stories From teh Bible" is created directly for home video by Hanna - Barbera Productions, the world's leading producer of animated entertainment.

  • EstherEsther : Esther

    A Beka.

    Flash-a-Card series containing 5 lessons and 23 flashcards - Esther Becomes Queen; Haman; Petitions the King; Victory for the Jewish People.

  • Enoch, Noah, and BabelEnoch, Noah, and Babel : Genesis Series 2


    Flash-a-card series containing 3 lessons with 18 cards - Enoch, the Man Who Went to Heaven without Dying; Noah and the Ark; and The Tower of Babel.

  • Gold Crown with JewelsGold Crown with Jewels

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