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  • The First Christmas, Life of Christ, Series 1The First Christmas, Life of Christ, Series 1 : Life of Christ, Series 1

    A Beka.

    Flash-a-card series containing 5 lessons and 27 flashcards - The Promise of the Savior; The Birth of Jesus; Angels Bring the News to the Shepherds; Wise Men Worship the King; and The Flight into Egypt.

  • Blue and Green Boys Flannel RobeBlue and Green Boys Flannel Robe

    This boys robe, size small, is perfect for dressing up a child as a shepherd, disciple, or any male Bible child.

  • Shepherd's Staff (plastic)Shepherd's Staff (plastic)

  • Paul God's ServantPaul God's Servant

    Six complete lesson plans on the life of Paul: "Paul Becomes a Believer", "Paul Learns to Obey God", "Paul Becomes a Missionary", "Paul Leans to Rejoice in the Lord", "Paul Experiences God's Peace in Times of Testing", "Paul Looks Forward to His Reward". Songs: "Children of God", "That's the Gospel". Includes memory verses, activities, reproducibles.

  • Life Of Christ 1Life Of Christ 1 Life of Jesus from Birth to Choosing Disciples

    Includes: Memory verses, activities, songs and reproducibles. Lessons: "Angels Announce the Birth", Shepherds Share the Good News", "Wise Men Worship the King", "Jesus Obeys His Heavenly Father", "Jesus is Baptized and Tempted", "Jesus Chooses His Disciples". Song: "Praise Him, Praise Him"

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