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October 25, 2014 10:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.

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  • Moe and the Big ExitMoe and the Big Exit A Lesson in Followin’ Directions

    Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun! Now y’all have heard the story of Moses and the Exodus before, but I reckon you’ve never heard it told as a Western...until now! Meet Moe (Larry the Cucumber), a good-natured cowboy living high on the hog out in Dodgeball City while his kinfolk work their fingers to the bone digging the Grand Canyon. When Moe asks the heartless mayor to let his people go, he refuses and a heap of trouble comes to town. Can Moe help free his people from bondage and flee Dogeboall City once and for all? Saddle up for a rootin’ tootin’ Bible adventure as VeggieTales heads west and teaches a lessin in followin’ directions! Yee-Haw! Featuring Boys in the Sink and their new silly song: A mess Down in Egypt. Bonus features included.

  • Integrity’s i Worship Volume JIntegrity’s i Worship Volume J A total worship experience

    Featuring: Blessed Be Your Name, Unashamed Love, I Surrender All and more.

  • JacobJacob : Genesis Series 4


    Flash-a-card series containing 4 lessons with 21 flashcards - Twins, But Different; Jacob’s Ladder; Jacob Meets His Match; and Jacob Comes Back.

  • Shout Praises Kids DVD - I Am FreeShout Praises Kids DVD - I Am Free

    From the best-selling Shout Praises Kids series comes this fast-paced video featuring 12 top praise songs with energic, colorful graphics, on-screen lyrics, and an exciting environment where kids will love interacting and expressing themselves! Featured songs include "I Am Free," " Majestic," "All to You," " Everlasting God," "I Will Boast," "How Great is Our God," "Mighty to Save," "Love the Lord," "Everyday," "From the Inside Out," Your Name," and "My Savior Lives."

  • Adult Terry Cloth RobeAdult Terry Cloth Robe

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