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  • MosesMoses : The Lawgiver

    Six complete lessons helping children ages 5-12 reflect God's holiness in their daily lives. Includes: memory verses, activities, songs, reproducibles, elementary and preschool lessons plans. Lesson 1 God Speaks at Sinai. Lesson 2 The People Turn to Idolatry. Lesson 3 Spies Examine Canaan. Lesson 4 Moses Sins Against God. Lesson 5 Moses Lifts Up the Brazen Serpent. Lesson 6 Moses Talks with the Lord Jesus. Songs: Murmuring Song, My God is so Great, It's a Big, Big World.

  • BeginningsBeginnings

    Joyce Hatfield & Lynda Pongracz.

    CEF "Beginnings" Flashcards Bible Lessons.

  • BeginningsBeginnings

    Joyce Hatfield and Lynda Pongracz

    Five complete lessons from Genjesis helping children know their Creator God

  • BeginningsBeginnings

    Five complete lessons from Genesis helping children ages 5-12 know their Creator God. Includes: memory verse, activities, songs, reproducibles, elementary and preschool lesson plans. Lesson 1 Creation. Lesson 2 Adam and Eve. Lesson 3 Cain and Abel. Lesson 4 Enoch. Lesson 5 Noah. Songs: Finishing Strong, You Are a Wonderful God.

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