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  • Integrity’s i Worship Volume PIntegrity’s i Worship Volume P A Total Worship Experience

    Featuring: Our God Saves, You Are God Alone, Today is the Day, and more.

  • Bible TriviaBible Trivia

    Challenge yourself with questions about the poeple, history, stories, and facts from the Bible.

  • The Not So Golden CalfThe Not So Golden Calf : Commandments 1 & 2

    The voices of Peter Strauss (Masada), Paul Winfield (Touched by an Angel), Jodi Benson (The Little Mermaid), and others bring alive the story of the Not So Golden Calf, the first in the Kids’ Ten Commandments animated mini-movies. State-of-the-art animation, original songs and music, and a great story make this fun-loving series entertaining and educational. Kids learn biblical values to live by as they discover the truth about God’s love for every person. The Not So Golden Calf is the adventure of a lifetime as 11-year-old Set (Chris Marquette), his mom, Leila (Jodi Benson), and his quirky animal companions learn firsthand the meaning of two of God’s commandments--"Do not worship any other gods besides me" and "Do not make idols of any kind." While Moses (Peter Strauss) is up on Mount Sinai, the people of Israel lose faith and are convinced by Hazzaka (Tim Curry) to build an idol and worship another god. Today’s kids will be enthralled by this action-packed mini-movie as they learn about God and His instructions for their lives.

  • Life of Moses, Series 3Life of Moses, Series 3 : Life of Moses, Series 3

    A Beka.

    Flash-a-Card series containing 7 lessons with 35 flashcards - Journey to Kadesh-Barnea; The Twelve Spies; The Rebellion of Korah; Moses Strikes the Rock; The Serpent of Brass; Balaam, the False Prophet; and Moses Sees the Promised Land.

  • Life of Moses, Series 1Life of Moses, Series 1. Life of Moses, Series 1

    A Beka.

    Flash-a-Card series containing 6 lessons with 34 flashcards - The Baby in the River; The Burning Bush; The Contest with Pharaoh; The First Nine Plagues; The Passover; and Crossing the Red Sea.

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